Quick Start Guide for Interactive Brokers (IB)

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To begin using MarketDelta with Interactive Brokers follow the instructions below.

  1. Before installing MarketDelta, you MUST have an account with Interactive Brokers and have their data client software (TWS) installed on the same PC MarketDelta Charts is installed. If you already have an account with Interactive Brokers and have TWS installed, proceed to step #2. If you do not, please contact Interactive Brokers to setup service.
  2. Go to http://www.marketdelta.com/trial and sign up for the MarketDelta trial. When asked which data service you want to use choose Interactive Brokers.
  3. Immediately after submitting the trial look for an email with a license, user ID, and link to download the software. The email will contain setup instructions.
  4. To use the feed with MD, the API must be enabled. This is approximately from the Configure menu, where it says API, then you select Active X configuration (approx location of setting).

Launching MarketDelta® for the First Time


Once the above process is complete it is important that MarketDelta® connect to your data feed to begin receiving real time data.  During the first time startup, you may need to click the START DATA icon on the main tool bar to get data flowing.  You will know the data is flowing if the HEART BEAT icon (below) changes from misc_data_stopped.jpg to misc_heartbeat.jpg

If the HEART BEAT is not a graph like above, click the START DATA icon and give it a few seconds to establish the connection.

Initially all the chart windows may say "Not enabled for Footprint®" or "Press space bar to download data".  Press the space bar to download the current days tick data for the symbol in the active window once you are connected.

IF the heartbeat turns to a red question mark then it means probably the symbols in your quote page are not in the correct format for your data feed or data is flowing very intermittently.  This could happen in after hours trading or on the weekend.  Open a quote page (see below) and change/add symbols using Infinity/Transact's symbol format guide (see attachment on right).

Build Your Quote Page | Adding/Changing Symbols
** Symbol Guide can be found here **

By default MarketDelta® comes loaded with some instruments that many other traders use with MarketDelta®.  Click QUOTE PAGE | Double-Click or Select All Symbols then Open to see all the instruments or add new instruments. 


 To change which instrument you are view just begin typing the instrument symbol and select it or add it to the symbol list.


To add new instruments click the INSERT key and type in the symbol. Right click on any symbol to access a convenient menu of functions that operate on the selected ticker symbol. 

Setup each symbol by right click | Setup Instrument or hitting ALT+A.  Customize the quote page appearance by right clicking on the "+" button in the page's upper right corner. A normal click of the "+" gives you a popup menu of page specific functions. When setting up new symbols select 24 hours for the trading session. For more information on adding symbols, watch this video. SYMBOL LIST ATTACHED TO THIS FAQ.
logo_movieicon.jpg How to Setup Symbols (5 minutes).

 Downloading Data

logo_movieicon.jpg Downloading Data Instructions (3 minutes)
Once you are connected there will be a few default Footprint® windows open.  If using a data feed that supports historical TICK data retrieval press the SPACE bar once to begin downloading the current days tick data for the symbol in the chart.  It will take a few seconds, but then data should be on the screen. 

Another way to download data is to click the DOWNLOAD button on the main toolbar.  Using this option will allow you to have more control over which symbols or quote pages you download data for, what periodicity you want (ALWAYS download TICK for the Footprint® charts), and the amount of data you want to retrieve from you data vendor.


Clicking the Download button on the main toolbar opens the window below.



Click Download and Close and the data will be retrieved.  If you choose to download many days of tick data, it may take a few minutes to retrieve the data.

Session Override | Viewing Period for Charts

If after downloading you do not see any data on the chart, double click the chart (Footprint® and TPO Profile) or double click the time scale on traditional charts.  Set the session override to 24 hour data.  This will tell the chart to display all the data available for a given 24 hour period.  After you become familiar with MarketDelta® you may want to apply a different session override to a chart.  This will tell the chart to only display data within a certain time window.

Gaps in charts are usually the result of having a 24 session override applied to a chart or the data not being present (needs to be downloaded).  To remove the gap, open the preferences window (described above) and set the session override to reflect the times you want to view and eliminate the off hour times. You may also download the past days data to backfill any missing data.

You can also set how many days data you want displayed on the chart.  Any chart that is displaying data that is based on tick data (Footprint®, TPO Profile, and traditional charts with tick based indicators and studies applied) require a lot of processing power if viewing more than a weeks worth of data.  Because of this, we recommend having just the current session or up to 5 days for the Footprint® and 10 days or less for the TPO Profile displayed at any one time. If you find it takes a while to open MarketDelta® when you have TPO Profile charts open, it may be because there are days data being computed during startup.


Opening New Charts

There are many ways to accomplish the same task within MarketDelta®, but clicking Open Chart or Open Footprint® or TPO Profile will open a menu to select pre-saved charts or the option to create a new chart.  TIP: An easy way to copy a chart you already have is to Right Click | Duplicate.


1. File | New | Chart (Setup Wizard)

2. Choose chart type.

3. Choose instrument.

4. Click OK





Working with Charts (Chart Basics FAQ)

To change symbols - To change ticker symbols type the first few letters of the ticker symbol and press enter or double click the instrument from the Select Instrument window that pops up.  If you symbol is not listed, a window will pop up asking for you to enter it.

To change periodicity - To Change Periodicity, type a number and press enter, e.g. 5 and enter for a 5 minute chart, 60, and enter for a 60 minute chart. Press any number key then D, W, or M, for daily, weekly, monthly periodicities.

To add technical indicators - Press the INSERT key on keyboard or click the "Add Indicator" button on the chart's toolbar or right click the chart and choose Add/Delete/Edit and Add Technical Indicator.  Indicators can only be added to traditional chart types and NOT Footprint® and TPO Profile charts.

To access other menus - Right-click in any open area of the chart window to access a contextual menu of common chart-related functions.

To save charts - Click Save on the chart toolbar or use File: Save to assign the chart setup a name. When you want to view this chart again, use File: Open: Chart and select its name. The Open Chart button on the main toolbar works similarly.

This guide touches just a few basics. To learn more, there are many resources available. Every window in MarketDelta® has an associated help topic. Many windows have an associated web page. If you have a question about a window's function, press F1 or click the ? button to view the associated help.


Receiving Support

We have to gone great efforts to empower our users 24/7 by investing and continuing to invest in our online Help Desk.

Another great way to get familiar with MarketDelta® is to view the streaming videos and educational resources available at the website.

Technical Support Policy
Contact us via chat OR email for issues listed below. These issues generally require a remote login session and have an urgency associated with them. RULE OF THUMB: They are NOT How-To questions. Please try the FAQ's first.

Database Errors/Crashes (FAQ)
Data not backfilling (FAQ)

Non-Urgent Technical Support Policy
Submit your question to our moderated community forum OR email us. Most of the non-urgent issues usually have a specific video, FAQ, or blog article that we can provide to you with the answer. The benefit of this is more consistent answers for non-urgent needs and open phone line for urgent matters. RULE OF THUMB: They ARE How-To questions.

Anything "HOW TO" related

Applying/modifying technical indicators (FAQ)
Working with charts (FAQ)
Add or change symbols (FAQ)

Contacting Support

  • Post your question to our moderated community forum.
  • support@marketdelta.com or
  • Visit www.marketdelta.com/support and submit a ticket
  • Click the Chat button on the website during normal business hours.

Sales, licensing, and billing answers can be found here or by emailing sales@marketdelta.com

The MarketDelta® Community environment can be found at here. This is a great place to network and learn from what others are doing and see charts and videos they may post.

The MarketDelta® Blog is an excellent place to receive timely information and learn more about using MarketDelta® to its fullest potential. http://blog.marketdelta.com

CLICK HERE for a list of common Rithmic Symbols. Also DTNMA futures symbols, indices, and statistics.


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