Trading Spreads in MarketDelta


All exchange traded spreads are tradeable. Just search the symbol in the Symbol Search window.

Intracommodity spreads are not ​tradeable in the MarketDelta product, however, calendar spreads are tradeable.

​​Both intracommodity and calendar spreads can be graphed in MarketDelta. See bottom of this article for some examples.
It is possible to have separate tickets (DOM's) up and trade each leg of the spread separately.
Getting Information
  1. Click the black More button and choose All Contracts
  2. Type in the symbol then "S" and "1". Exampe: CLES1  See below the results. Notice the Description field at far right.

  3. This displays the exchange trading calendar spreads 1 month out. It is easiest to understand by looking at the symbol then looking at the description field. Note the volume column as well to give you an idea of liquidity.
  4. You can then open a trading window and view the market. Here is a DOM for CLES1H7.

Misc Spread Charting Examples

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