Session Management

TPO / Profile Charts are free in MarketDelta Cloud. 

We have made it very convenient to build accurate TPO and Volume profiles without the complexity often found in  or split them all out. In fact, you can view a combined session profile and then view the same sessions individually next to the combined profile.


Based on the symbol you entered on the chart, we automatically display all the Exchange defined trading sessions. They are shown in your time zone based on your computer clock.

  1. To view session management, click the top of the chart to reveal the Settings (gear) button and click it. Clicking the ... will also reveal the Settings button.


  2. Click the Sessions tab and configure accordingly. See definitions of settings below.



#1 New Day Starts At:

This is where you choose which of the Exchange defined sessions you want to start your profile with. Instead of assuming you want to start with a particular session, we give you the option. Some symbols only have 1 session, so in that case it will be defaulted. Only 1 session can be defined as the starting session.

#2 Profile 1 - Visible:

If this box is checked, a profile will be displayed using the settings and sessions specified. 

#3 Profile 1 - Available Sessions:

This will auto-populate with all the sessions based on the specified symbol. Check off the box next to any or all sessions you want part of the profile. Checking all the sessions will create a combined session profile. Checking just the day session will only display the day session. It's very flexible.

#4 Profile 2 and 3- Visible:

This is a scrolling section. Profile 2 and Profile 3 have the same setting options as Profile 1. We provide this option to greatly extend the capability of our TPO and Volume Profile Charts.

A popular use case of Profile 2 and Profile 3 would be to set Profile 2 as the overnight session(s) and Profile 3 as the day session. Profile 1 could be the combined session. 


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