To view TrackBook in MD Cloud you MUST have a live trading added to MD Cloud. Just contact your broker and have them enable your "CQG trading login for MarketDeltaCloud". Here's instructions.


TrackBook is a scalping tool that is used to analyze that order book data in the DOM and provide you with a realtime heatmap of how changes in the order book might effect price. Portions of the TrackBook also analyze post trade data, creating a unique combination of pre and post trade data.




Technical Notes about TrackBook

1) When a TrackBook widget loads for a symbol (whether you added the symbol, or switched to layout with a TrackBook, whatever), it registers that symbol in the app as one you are interested in level 2 data -- that sticks around for the session only. Next login, or refresh, that info is reset.

2) Data is received and stored for all registered symbols only if there is a TrackBook or a DOM on the screen for that symbol. If you switch to a different layout or switch symbols such that either a DOM or TrackBook are not onscreen, it will stop receiving Level 2 data, but it will not throw out the history.

3) The next time you pull up a TrackBook, you will see whatever history was there and it will continue to build in realtime. Note that it might continue building even if a TrackBook is not on the screen because you have a DOM on the screen instead.

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