"Not enough data to display chart"

This occurs when there is no historical data is being received. Sometimes this occurs if you haven't logged in in a while and the symbol on the chart is expired.

Confirm the following before attempting the resolution.

  1. Is the green indicator in upper right appearing to show connection?
    If it is not green then you are not connected to the order routing system. Try refreshing the app using the browser refresh button.

  2. Do you see live data for the symbol on a DOM or trade ticker?
    You should see live data at the very least. If not, your broker hasn't enabled you login for data or the particular exchange you are trying to view.

  3. Does changing interval on the chart make a difference? Try 1 minute.
    If so, the chart was requesting too much data.

  4. Does changing the symbol make a difference?
    Try a symbol you know you are entitled to view data for.


Contact your broker and verify the following:

  • You are indeed enabled for the symbols you are trying to 
  • You are enabled for historical data.
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