Is Market Profile Available in MarketDelta Desktop?

MD Desktop does NOT have Market Profile charts available. However, MD Cloud does but they are called TPO Charts.

It is a one time purchase (add-on) available for MarketDelta Cloud, our web based platform. The link to purchase it is Once purchased we add it to your MD Cloud login and the TPO Charts will be there next time you login to MD Cloud.

IF YOU SUBSCRIBE TO MD DESKTOP here are the steps you would need to follow.

  1. First, the TPO charts are an add-on to MD Cloud, NOT MD Desktop. You can run both platforms side by side.

  2. In order to run TPO charts alongside MD Desktop it will require a 2nd trading login from your broker. Since you will use this trading login at the same time as MD Desktop, your broker will charge Exchange fees on this second login.

  3. Purchase the TPO add-on here.

  4. See step #2. Contact your broker and have them provide a 2nd CQG login enabled for "MarketDeltaCloud".

  5. Visit and login or create a free account. Once in, add the trading login provided by your broker. Here's how.
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