How to Modify Working Order on the DOM

To easily modify a working order on the DOM do the following.

  1. Click or tap the "working" label
  2. The DOM interface changes so new orders can't be placed.
  3. Click or tap the new price. That's it! The order(s) will be modified to the new price.



Notes when using ATOM's

If you place an order without an ATOM, then it will always ignore the ATOM menu whenever you move the order around the DOM. You will always modify that order without adding new ATOMs, even if you change the ATOM menu to show an ATOM before you move it on the DOM.
However, if the order originally had an ATOM, then it will always honor the ATOM menu when you modify the order to another price. This means, if you change the ATOM selection, it will update the ATOM type if you move the order price, and also if you turn the ATOM off, it will remove the ATOM if you move the order to another price on the DOM.

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