Trade CFD's in MarketDelta Desktop


We have partnered with 2 different brokers for trading CFD's. Depending on whether you live inside or outside the United States will determine which one works for you. 

DirectFX (Non-U.S. Accounts)

DirectFX data is free with an funded account. Non-U.S. account holders only. Can't open accounts for U.S. citizens. Begin the account opening process with DirectFX here

Oanda (U.S. Accounts

Recommended minimum account size is $5,000. Contact Greg to setup an Oanda account. No online order form link at this time. You must call.

Greg Gumz
Sr. Relationship Manager at OANDA

T: 1 877 626 3239 ext. 111309

T: 1 416 593 6767 ext. 111309

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