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Market Delta Simplified

Explains how trades are parsed out into buys or sells and what Delta is.

MarketDelta Overview

Overview of software, general principals and concepts focused on the footprint chart type

Software Components

Very short (2min) review of some interesting multi-pane and market profile chart features

How to Connect to Data Feed

 See the appropriate quick start guide video for the feed choosen.

How to Download Data

 Basic and Advanced Historical Data Downloading Instructions

Historical Data Retention


How to Setup Symbols


How to Use Floating Windows


Find Hidden Chart and Preference Windows


Managing Objects

Older recording but still useful for general functionality (shows old style preferences window)

DTN Market Access

Explains how to incorporate DTN symbols for backfill alongside your primary data vendor symbols, covers alias symbols setup in charts and quote pages

Layout Tool Bar

How to setup and navigate between various layouts via a tabbed "workspace" environment

Adding Symbols for IB Feed

How to add symbols when using Interactive Brokers (IB).

Chart Playback / Replay

How to use the chart playback and/or replay

Main Toolbar Customization Shows how to customize the main toolbar buttons and add keyboard shortcuts.

 Audio Alerts

 How to add and modify audio alerts.

Multi-Pane Charting – How To & Features

Multi-pane Charts

Working with multi-pane charts

Delta Tracker

What delta tracking is, what it does and how to set it up

Delta Trend Line with Zig Zag

Combining delta tracker with the zig zag indicator: described and demonstrated

Renko Charting

How to set up a Renko style and periodicity in the multi-pane charts

How to Multi-Link Charts

How to "network" multiple charts together so that changing a symbol in one changes the symbol in all the charts

How to Snap to Trendline

Working with the trend line drawing tool

How to Change Periodicity

How to change the time frame or periodicity of a chart

Volume Breakdown Indicator

Description of the volume breakdown indicator

Delta Divergence Indicator

Shown on candle chart, but works on new footprint also

Working With Trendlines and Buttons

More on working with trendlines and how to use custom buttons to select the drawing tool

Annotation Tool

How to use the annotation tool to create user placed chart markers, count down timers, and more.

Layout Tool Bar

How to create tabbed layouts, save and navigate between layouts

Building a Quoteboard How to create a quote board and display it on a chart.

 Profile Indicator

Demonstration of using the profile drawing tool to select and plot custom length profiles

Heat Map - Profile Indicator Shows how to implement the heat map using the profile indicator.

How to Share and Import Pictures

 Covering the use of to share chart definitions between users

V# Variables and Reference Lines

 How to use V# user variables in conjunction with reference lines to automatically plot lines at certain price levels

Market Profile Lines to Multi-Pane Chart

 How to automatically transfer your market profile chart price levels to a traditional chart

How to Add a Second Instrument

 Shows how to add a second pane with a different symbol to the same chart window.

Eliminating Whitespace

 How to set time-based periodicities so that periods without data (eg. holiday or mid-session break) are not displayed on chart

How to Create Spreads/Pairs

 Shows how to create pairs and spreads in MarketDelta.

Session Statistic Indicator

 How to add to chart, set the preferences, and a variety of applications.


Create, Modify and Use Trading Orders

 In this step we define the orders used to initiate trades when a signal occurs or a "trade from the chart" button is clicked. Trading orders define the order action, buy/sell, quantity, and order type.

Build Your Trade Idea

This video takes a trading idea posted in the support forum and shows the thought process of creating a Trade Idea.

Create a Signal Marker

Signal Markers are the eyes and ears of your trade idea.

Create a Trading Rule

When your trading signal occurs what type of order do you want initiated? This is the step where this is defined.

Add Trading Rule Button

This video shows you how to create buttons so trading rules can be toggled on or off with a single click of the mouse.

Configure ATOM in MarketDelta Trader

This video shows you how to configure MarketDelta Trader so order automation can be employed upon initiation of a trade.

Finalize and Deploy Trading System

This is where the Trading System is completed and initiated.

 Trading Overview

 Comprehensive demonstration of trading from the chart and the order desk

 Keyboard Trading

 Trading with programable hot-key keyboard shortcuts.


Footprint Chart Overview

What the Footprint is,it's benefits, basic functionality, also contains information on scaling of all multi-pane charts,changing instruments, basic data download, etc

Footprint Chart Preferences


Bid/Ask Footprint Overview

How to interpret the Bid/Ask Footrprint

Delta Footprint Overview

Includes adding volume breakdown indicator to a chart

Volume Footprint Overview

How to interpret the Volume Footrprint

Footprint Profile Overview

How to interpret the Footrprint Profile

Footprint Chart Button Overview

Describes how to add custom buttons to select chart style on new Footprint, information also valid on other multi-pane charts

FPPS and Smoothed Delta

How to add and use the footprint price statistics indicator and the smoothed delta option

Footprint Bar Statistics

How to add and setup the FPBS indicator

Footprint Price Statistics

How to add and setup the FPPS indicator

How to Add Technical Indicator to a Chart

Applies to all multi-pane charts

Vertical & Horizontal Scaling

Applies to all multi-pane chart types

Volume Price Statistics

How to add and setup the volume price statistics indicator

Setting Up Reversal Periodicity

How to set a new footprint chart to a tick reversal periodicity

Setting Up Pullback Data

How to display the "pullback data" column in the new and classic Footprint charts

Bid Ask Trade Count

Setup a footprint chart to track the actual number of trades at the bid and ask versus volume

Footprint Font Size

How to control the Footprint font size

Market Profile® Charts

Market Profile® Overview

Basic functionality, buttons, lines, preferences window

Market Profile® Preferences

Older version of overview, but more comprehensive

How to Split Market Profiles®

 Shows how to split profiles letter by letter

Long Term Market Profiles®

Setting up profiles longer than a single session, includes new TPO long-term histogram

Custom Length Market Profile®


Setting Up Custom Profile Colors

 How to customize the color of each letter in a profile

Market Profile Playback


RTL – How To & Features

 RTL Tour

 Overview of what RTL is and what it's used for

Introduction to Custom Indicators

Basic tutorial on creating a custom indicator for multi-pane charts

Introduction to Custom Signals

Basic tutorial on creating a custom signal marker which paints on a multi-pane chart

VPS Volume POC

Example of a custom signal based on the VPS and VBI

Strategy – Various Footprint® & Market Profile® related trading applications

Footprint Strategy Basics


Strategy-Footprint & Market  Profile

How the Footprint and Market Profile® charts can complement one another, includes trading applications


How to spot reversals using the footprint chart, delta divergence concepts, and seeing supply overcoming demand


How to read the trend with the Footprint chart, includes trading applications

Classic Footprint Periodicity

Employing non-time periodicities in volatile markets (shown in classic footprint but applies to new footprint as well)

VWAP Strategy


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