Can I trade futures spreads using the MD Cloud?


If the spread is an Exchange traded spread then it can be traded in MD Cloud or any of its white labeled software.

An example of a popular spread that can be traded is EPW1 which is the E-mini S&P Reverse Calendar Spread. Other common Exchanged traded spreads are:

ENQW1  E-Mini NASDAQ Reverse Spread 1


 Eurodollar Calendar Spread 3
EDAS6  Eurodollar Calendar Spread 6
DSXS1  Euro Stoxx 50 Calendar Spread 1
QOS1 ICE Brent Crude Calendar Spread 1
QOS6 ICE Brent Crude Calendar Spread 6
RBES1 RBOB Gasoline (Globex) Calendar Spread 1
ETQO ICE Brent - WTI Futures Spread
HOES1 NY Harbor ULSD Calendar Spread 1
CLES3 Crude Light (Globex) Calendar Spread 3
ZSES1  Soybean Calendar Spread 1
ZCES1  Corn Calendar Spread 1
ZWAS1  Wheat Calendar Spread 1
SBES1  Sugar World #11 Calendar Spread 1

Common symbols can be found here.

Custom spreads cannot be constructed and traded.  For example, ES against TF. These trade on different Exchanges and do not have an Exchange traded symbol.

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