How do I make it so I am not automatically logged into MD Cloud when clicking one of the social sign-on buttons?


When you are already logged into Google, Yahoo, Twitter, or AOL (the social sign-on services we use) in your browser, you get automatically logged into MD Cloud when clicking the social signon buttons on the sign-on page. 

2 Solutions

1) Click Start or press the Start button on the keyboard. Tap or click your account picture and then choose Lock. This is a best practice no matter what you are doing on a computer. Here is a Microsoft FAQ:  For a MAC, press CTRL+SHIFT+FN+Power button to lock screen. Additionally, open System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General > Required password > Immediately set, you will need a password each and every time, you try to wake the screen.

2) Create a new account MD Cloud ( and use the "any email" option where you simply type in your email and create a password. This option does not use the social sign on buttons and will not auto log you in. This option will require you login each time.

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