How Do I Add a Live Login / Account to MarketDelta Cloud?


You must have a funded trading account AND have a live CQG trading ID enabled for "MarketDeltaCloud". Contact your Broker/FCM to have this enabled. If you don't have a broker yet contact us and we can point you to some brokers that support CQG for order routing.

How to Add a Live, Funded Account Login

  1. First you must be logged into MarketDelta Cloud.
  2. Click your Initials in the top right and choose Broker Login
  3. Click the Add New Account button.


  4. Type in the login credentials provided by your broker. Choose Live as the trading environment.


  5. IMPORTANT! - If you have multiple logins entered (as shown in the example image above), you will need to click the Edit (pencil icon) button and specify your Live login as the Active one. Click Save.
  6. MarketDelta will attempt to make the connection to your broker and notify you with a yellow banner across the top if the login in incorrect.

Connected and Ready to Trade!

The connection status indicator will turn green when successfully connected. Click My Account or the logo in top left to get back to the home screen and start trading!



Be sure to review the "How-to's" section before placing your first trade if you are unfamiliar with how to use the software. 



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