Common Billing Questions

MarketDelta Deskop Billing Questions

Question: How much does MarketDelta cost?

Answer:  $199/month plus applicable Exchange fees for live market data. If you choose to link a live trading account to MarketDelta (highly recommended) there is a $0.25/side order routing fee. Pricing information can be found by visiting

Question: How does MarketDelta charge for its services?

Answer:  MarketDelta's service is a monthly, recurring subscription. The first charge is the sum of the prorated amount for the remaining days in the current month + the following months full charge. MarketDelta bills a month in advance for its services. The billing cycle occurs on the 1st of the month. It then automatically recurs on the 1st of the month thereafter. The first charge is always the largest because you are paying for the current month plus the following months subscription.

If you cancel mid-month you receive a pro-rated credit for the days remaining (see below). 

Here is an example: Lets say it is the 20th of the month and you want to subscribe.  Your first charge would be for the last 10 days of the month (prorated charge) + next months charge. So it would be $66.30 + $199 = $265.30. Your next billing cycle would be on the 1st of next month and would be for the following months service.

Your statement will show the charge as "CQG". This is because CQG provides the billing and Exchange permissioning for MarketDelta.

Question: How do I cancel my subscription?

Answer:  ALL cancellation requests must either be submitted to billing [at] in the form of email OR login to the support portal and submit it there. The support portal is the best way to submit the cancellation because it will not potentially get flagged as spam. The cancellation is not complete until you receive an email confirmation back from us confirming the cancellation.

If cancelling MarketDelta Charts, please include your full name, email address, system user name (shown when logging in), and serial number (system #) to be canceled. You can find your serial # by clicking SUPPORT => DISPLAY SYSTEM STATUS.  All cancellation requests must be received at least 5 business days before the close of the last business day of the month. You will be entitled a prorated refund for unused days. Cancellation notices not received within 5 days of billing renewal will not take effect until the end of the following month.

Question: What happens when I cancel?

Answer:  Upon receiving the email cancellation notice from you, we will make sure your account is in good standing with us and then reply back to you confirming your cancellation.  Always make sure you have heard back from us with the confirmation of cancellation. The software will simply expire at the end of your license term agreement with us, in many cases beginning of next month.  Your card will no longer be charged and/or there will be no further invoices for the license canceled.  There is no pro-rating of services when canceling.

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