How to Add Live Trading Account


You must have a live trading account with a broker that supports CQG AND have a trading ID enabled as follows: request your broker provide you with a CQG trading ID that is enabled as follows: "CQG Trading ID enabled for connection mode CQG Integrated Client, private label MarketDelta". 

Linking Trading Account to MD

Before you can trade using a live trading account, you must enter you trading login credentials into MarketDelta. Watch this video for a short overview.

1) Click the TRADE button on the top toolbar and open any of the trading interfaces (Order Ticket, Split DOMTrader, DOMTrader, HOT, Spreadsheet Trader, Order Desk.

2) Opening one of these windows will change the menu on the left to look something like in #3 and it MAY automatically connect using a demo login that the system will retrieve.

3) Click the Logoff button. If the Logoff option is grayed out jump to step #4.

4) Click Setup and un-check Demo Trading by clicking it.  

5) Now click Logon and enter your live trading credentials provided by your broker. It will look like this:

6) Clicking OK will immediately try to authenticate your login and connect you for live data and live trading. A message of "Successful" will show. Contact your broker if the credentials fail. Only your broker can assist with your trading credentials. If you need help with any of these steps call Support at 1-800-525-1085.


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