Enabling Your Trading ID for MD Cloud / Mobile Access


A big benefit of subscribing to MarketDelta Desktop is you have the option of also using MarketDelta Cloud and MarketDelta Mobile free of charge. This allows you to use your same trading ID to login to our other products.

MD Cloud and MD Mobile can be used without having a subscription to MD Desktop, but there will be a fixed monthly fee of $25 plus the exchange fees.

Setup Instructions If You Already Have a Live Trading Login for MD Desktop

  1. Contact your broker/FCM and request they enable your trading login for "Private Label MarketDelta Cloud" and "Connection Mode MarketDelta Cloud".
  2. You are not requesting they move your trading login to MD Cloud. You are requesting they enable your existing trading login for MD Cloud so that you are able to log into any MD platform of your choice with the same login.
  3. You will only be able to be logged in once. If you need to be logged into both MD Desktop and MD Cloud / Mobile at same time request a 2nd login from your broker/FCM that is only enabled for MD Cloud.
So if you just need a single trading ID and want to be able to use it with all MD products (Desktop, Cloud/Web, and Mobile) just have your broker enable your current trading ID (the one you use in MD Desktop) for MarketDeltaCloud and you won't have to pay any additional fees.
If you want 2 separate logins, 1 for Desktop and 1 for Cloud/Mobile, then you will pay for a second trading ID to be used with Cloud/Mobile. The benefit of this is you can be logged into both at the same time.
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