Do I Need a Brokerage Account?


No, but it is highly recommended you have a live, funded account with a broker that supports CQG for data and order routing in order to save on Exchange fees.

TD Ameritrade, Schwab, ETrade, Tradestation, and Interactive Brokers are NOT supported brokers.


Many futures Exchanges, including the CME Group, require that you pay "professional rates" for exchange fees IF you don't have a live trading account linked to the platform. Sometimes these fees vary significantly from the "non-pro" exchange fees.

A complete list of our supported Exchanges and their pro and non-pro fees can be found at

By opening an account at one of these brokers (or any broker that supports CQG) allows you to qualify for the "non-pro" Exchange fees and save money.

Some customers choose to just open a minimal account and continue to do their trading through their current broker. This is a great way to get started and then you can fund the account more fully at a later date.

Here is a complete list of our supported brokers.

Another option if you want to start using MarketDelta Desktop right away and don't want to open a trading account is to subscribe to MD and choose Professional status, and then over the next month or so fund a trading account at a supported broker then contact us and we can change you from Professional to Non-Professional status and you can start saving on Exchange fees.

Feel free to contact us at 1.312.922.7800 if you have further questions.

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