Viewing Your Estimated Place in Queue



You can view your Estimated Place in Queue (EPIQ) in MarketDelta Destkop. This can be very help in making trading decisions. EPIQ estimates how many contracts are in front of your order at any given price. This only shows when you are working orders of course.

Using the screenshot below...

  • If your EPIQ is 438, there are approximately 438 contracts ahead of your order.
  • If 8 contracts trade, your EPIQ would change to 430.
  • If your EPIQ is 0, your order should be the next to fill.  

Note: EPIQ is not sent from the exchanges. CQG used powerful algorithms to calculate the estimated EPIQ based on quantity of trades occurring in front of the order, and does not account for canceled orders or pro-rata allocations. It is an ESTIMATE of your place in queue.

This tool can show you the following:

  • Lots ahead of your working order
  • Orders ahead of your working order
  • Both lots and orders

How to Enable

  1. Open a DOM Trader. (Click the black Trade button at top, then DOM Trader)
  2. Click Setup (top left corner) > Trading Preferences
  3. Click Display in left menu then scroll to bottom left column and check the box to "Show estimated place in queue".





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